~fOllOw mE, i'll fOllOw U~

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I miss the rain..
The crazy thunderstorms I used to ecounter when I was younger..
The lightening and thunder leaving me running to my bed to hide under the covers,
as I listened to the pouring rain and fell asleep.
The rain feels like a safety blanket over my body..
covering me in some sort of natural security..
my being unable to feel overwhelmed by the enormousness of the world.
The wet, clean smell of rain soaking into the grass,
the droplets dripping off the tips of leaves,
the windows covered in by nature's paint..
Rain is beautiful.

Yes, rain is really beautiful..
Thanks to Allah Almighty.. :')

oh hujan.. :)

Nota Kaki: eh, siputlah aku dah bermadah puisi bagai.. demmit! ha-ha

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